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Theodore Guterman, II and Nelson Alford, Jr. began their partnership for the practice of law over 30 years ago when they became partners of Connor, Curran & Schram, PC. For more than 30 years, their practice has focused on Elder Law, Trusts and Estates, Real Estate transactions, Title Insurance, Municipal Law and Business Law.

In 2007, many of the same dedicated staff reorganized under the leadership of Guterman and Alford. This practice then merged with Scott Shallo and his successful firm, which focused on the same key areas of law, to form Guterman, Shallo & Alford, PLLC.

The mission of the firm: to provide experienced legal advice to individuals, businesses and municipalities, based on our combined experience in the fields of Elder Law; Business Law; Real Estate Law; Trusts, Wills & Estates; and Title Insurance.

The attorneys of Guterman, Shallo & Alford are time-tested legal professionals who provide local businesses, organizations and individuals with quality advice, planning and legal document preparation that ensure security and success in their clients legal matters.

The members of our firm are your neighbors and we work for the residents of our local community to provide families and businesses with legal advice and representation to help meet their individual goals and objectives. Key to this success is the relationship which we build with our clients through our level of personal service.

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